Game of Thrones is a medieval epic fantasy TV series produced by the American HBO television network and is loved by countless fans who are obsessed with science fiction. The 8th season of the show started in April 2019 and is still very popular.

If you are a girl, I suggest you try Catelyn’s costume. Catelyn is the twin sister of Duke Twyane Lannister and James Lannister, and the eldest daughter of Joanna Lannister. At the beginning of the story, Catelyn is the queen of Robert Baratheon and has three children Joffrey Baratheon, Messiah Baratheon and Toman Baratheon.

Catelyn is very beautiful. She has blonde curly hair and green eyes typical of the Lannister family, and she has a slim figure and fair skin. Her outstanding appearance makes her arrogant, so when playing her, you should pay attention to her temperament and proud eyes.

This is an introduction to the relevant clothing we provide you:


Clothes are divided into two parts: underwear and outerwear. They are made of red suede leather and are very particular about texture. They are comfortable, not cheap, and they look good to wear, showing the Queen’s style of Catelyn, but they are not exaggerated overall, and the details are also very good. In order to avoid monotony, there are many exquisite diamonds on the clothes, which have a gorgeous feeling. The waist is designed for self-cultivation, which is very thin and light, which avoids the illusion of a hunky waist.


Don’t underestimate the role of necklaces. The necklace we use is a metal pendant, which echoes the gold of the shoulder armor. It won’t look obtrusive in the burgundy line attire. This is a clever combination of techniques.

Of course, this necklace is easy to find in many shops, but you should pay attention to its best coordination with the overall shape.


The shoulder armor can shape the overall contour of the entire suit, adjust the version, and enhance the beauty of the overall shape.

Excellent role-playing costume means half the battle. If you want to learn more about Catelyn’s role-playing, you can browse our website to help you find the cosplay costume you need.

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